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Air Bag Type Scribers

Model : YU-7019

Features:   This machine is actuated by pneu. power and not to need electric power, bearing's swiveling disc, footpad switches controlling, compact & laborsaving, convenient for two hands making scribbing process smoothly, advance efficiency. ...

Hydraulic Cross Type Side Pressing & Forming Machines

Model : YU-7027

Features: This machine is suitable for various shoe rubber welt forming making pressing and specially suitable for canvas shoe processing, the pressing processing can be divided into front & rear single action, single pressing action, or ...

Sandal Edge Pressing Machines

Model : YU-7028

Features: This machine is operated by hydraulic Power & coupled with electronic controlling system which is suitable for sandal edge pressing & various shoes edge pressing robusted for adhensing force & high production rate.

Hydraulic Sole & Edge Pressing Machines

Model : YU-7603

Features: 1. This machine is suitable for sport shoes edge pressing forming & sole pressing which also can be used sandal edge pressing &sole pasting which can be reduced forming time, wide applications. 2. This machine is designed of ...

Hydraulic Forming Pressing Machines

Model : YU-8325

1. This machine is designed of double column structure which can be resisted big pressure, Especially, the molding plate & pressure can be changed as necessary, long servicing life and high tension resistance. 2. Adopted hi-pressure hydraulic ...

Universal Scribers

Model : YU-7019B

Features: This model is designed with functions of scribering. Especially, it has been reformed against conventional model failure and meet with the requirement of marking in soles under various curvature, profile and thickness, against any ...

Hydraulic Soles Front & Rear Pressing Machines

Model : YU-7024

Features: This machine is suitable for toe & rear quarter of or EVA sole making cementing and thus, adhensing & pressing with other shoe's material, increased adhesive forces.

Roughen Machine For Irregular Profile

Model : YU-7135P

Features: 1. This machine is not only being with the performance of conventional mode, which also can be processed irregular width edge grinding & roughen processing by necessary. 2. Depending on various material to change roughen speed and ...

Last Built In Toe Soften Toasting Machines

Model : YU-7572

Features: his machine is suitable for various toes of flull which as insole stitching forming and before fore-lasting forming, thus, toast soften the thermos-plastic of toes and toes forming by toe lasting machine promptly, so that the smooth ...

Hydraulic Electro-Heating Pressing Machine Series

Model : YU-8405H

Features: 1. This machine is suitable for hot-pressing forming & embossing forming such as: PU leather, cowhide leather pig hide, movable shoe pad, sponge foam forming, vamp forming, knitting cotton forming or various leather-wares embossing ...

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