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Hydraulic Forming Pressing Machines

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Hydraulic Forming Pressing Machines
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1. This machine is designed of double column structure which can be resisted big pressure, Especially, the molding plate & pressure can be changed as necessary, long servicing life and high tension resistance.
2. Adopted hi-pressure hydraulic Action system & electronic circuiting, shorting of pressing time, good of forming effectness, advance of product quality.
3. Large of molding plate which can be produced multiple products simultaneously for sandal & beach shoes (10 pairs for YU-8145, 2 pairs for YU-8247 and 20 pairs for YU-8325) advance productivity & reduce cost.
4. Equipped with cooling plate and cooled at two directional circulating, evenness & rapidity of effect.
5. This machine is being with safety protecting function, high safety and those can be protected the operator.
1. Model: YU-8325Two layers.
2. Molding size(L x W) m/m: 800x1380.
3. No. of molding: 2 up & lower.
4. Max. hydraulic Acting force: 85 Ton.
5. Power: 5HP.
6. Machine size m/m: 1240x2270x2000.
7. Measurement m/m: 1310x2350x2150.
8. N.W./G.W: 5000kgs/5300kgs.

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