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Air Bag Type Scribers

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Air Bag Type Scribers
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This machine is actuated by pneu. power and not to need electric power, bearing's swiveling disc, footpad switches controlling, compact & laborsaving, convenient for two hands making scribbing process smoothly, advance efficiency.

1. Air bag base, the shoes profile curves & air pressure can be adjusted randomly.

2. The air-bag with directional valves, and the pressure of air bag can be adjusted and the air bag not wear or broken.

3. The pressing shoes of front toe & quarter with balancing actions.

4. The pressure of pneu. cyl. Can be adjusted randomly.
1. Model: YU-7019
2. Required airpressure: 6kg/cm2
3. Machine size m/m: 550x450x1650mm
4. Measurement m/m: 670x570x1850mm
5. N.W./G.W. : 100kgs/140kgs

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