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Specially manufacturing and exporting variable Industrial tapes to global markets, Seal King Industrial Co., Ltd. has been endeavored in this field for over 30 years. Broad range of products includes security tapes, sealing tapes, electrical ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Pai Huey Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

A professional manufacturer of plastic membranes and bag products, LDPE ( LLDPE, HDPE) co-extrusion films, laminated films, heavy duty bags, pallet hot shrink bags, easy tear films, skin packaging films, stretch hood films, multilayer co-extrusion films, PE/ PP/ EVA films, plastic packing & materials, beverages auto packagings, large-scale packagings, printing films, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

National Applied Material Co., Ltd.

1. Plastic boards, sheets: PP PS PE PC PET EVA PVC, ABS, PVC & PP compound paper, PP pearl papers (application for electronics, hardware, stationery, gifts, food, medical, cosmetics, printing, lamination, vacuum & pressure forming materials, sealing package, engineering waterproof). 2. Films: CPP OPP EVA PVC PET (application for general food packs, printing, lamination, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chyi Yang Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. Blown Film Extrusion Machine 2. Stretch / Cling Film Making Machine 3. Casting Extrusion Machine 4. Zipper Bag Whole Plant Equipment 5. Co-Extrusion 6. Flexographic Printing Machine 7. Bag Making Machine 8. Recycling & Pelletizing Machine

    Taiwan Taiwan

Rocky Tafu Plastic Co., LTD.

we provide tablecloths, table cloths, tablecovers, table covers, tablecloth manufacturer, tableskirts, table skirts, tableskirt manufacturer, aprons, plastic glove films, shower curtains, shower curtains, pe, eva, lldpe, ldpe, peva, vinyl, pp films, home supply, home goods, household manufacturers, household products, housewares kitchenware, kitchenware, bathroom accessories.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of straws bending & packing machines such as slitting machines, PP & PET strapping band machines, suction hose making machine, PVC heat shrink film machine & production equipment, plastic extrusion machine, stretch film, welding equipment.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Liean-Gimn Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial electronics components & parts- (1) power resistors - metal clad & aluminum housed wirewounds, liquid cooled power resistor, failure mode of power resistor, nichrome resistor, carbon resistor, precharge resistors, fixed resistor, grid resistors, circuit chip resistors, slipring resistors, rod resistors, pressure resistors, current sensing ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

UNITRONIC Automation Co., Ltd.

A professional supplier of automatic equipments, auto winding machines, capacitor equipments, capacitor winders, slitters rewinders, LED test equipments, thermal press machinery, deburring machineries, automated paper masking machines, automation metal spraying machine, automatic lead wire welding machines, precision mini-type welding machines, automatic capacitor clearing ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Cheng Tung Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic component products, such as film capacitor, MEF & MPP capacitors, X & Y capacitors, X+Y capacitors, metalized films, class X1 capacitors, 100V capacitors, 47uF capacitors, 250V capacitor, capacitor circuits, power supply capacitors, uF capacitor, farad capacitors, film capacitor, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic parts and components, including (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, multilayer ceramic dip capacitors, MLCC, safety standard recognized capacitors (Y1, Y2, X1, X2), ceramic chip capacitors, aluminum and SMD electrolytic capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, motor starting capacitors, mini box capacitors, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chun Yu Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of plastic packaging materials and films, products include- (1) gift wrapping papers, OPP transparent printing, metallic BOPP wrapping, PP synthetic, non woven clothing wrapping, PET films, holographic MOPP papers, PP wrapping. (2) foil & laminated iridescent papers, white & brown craft wrapping papers. (3) flower wrappings- flower sleeves, single rose ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Dynapak Plastics Inc.

Manufacturer of plastic packing materials, including PVC shrinkable label, PVC shrinkable bag, PVC shrinkable tube or cup seal, PETG shrinkable film, PVC shrinkable film and centerfold, vinyl films, etc.

    Taiwan Taiwan

M. Create International Co., Ltd.

We specialize in producing and selling UV varnish, OPP lamination glue, water based varnish, PVC UV curing varnish, and screen printing UV varnish for printing paper products.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Tekfun Co., Ltd.

We provide (1) antennas- rubber antenna, wireless LAN (WLAN; 2.4Ghz / 5.8Ghz ) antenna, GSM (900/1800Mhz) antenna, CDMA (800/1900Mhz) antenna, 3G (UMTS; 2100Mhz) antenna, RFID antenna, PCB embedded antenna, outdoor Omni / Panel / Yagi antenna, GPS antenna, GPS & GSM combo antenna, two ways radio antenna, VHF/UHF radio antenna, car antenna, patch antenna, magnetic base ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd.

1. POM, PA, PC, PBT, PET(GF reinforced) and MPPO. 2. PC/ ABS, PC/ PBT, PC/ PET, PA/ PE, PA/ PP, ABS/ PVC, alloy plastic. 3. LCP, PPS, 6T, 9T, PA46, HTN, PEI, PSU, high super engineering plastics. 4. TPE, TPR, SBS, SEBS, TOP, K-resin, TPU. 5. Free halogen flame retardant PA 6 +GF , PA66+GF compounding pellet. 6. Non halogen flame retardant TPU. 7. Sub prime TPX. 8. ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Garter Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.

A huge range of bags making machinery equipments: 1. PP Flat Yarn Making Machine 2. Circular Loom 3. Double Side Lamination Machine 4. Roll to Roll Printing Press 5. Auto Heat Cutting & Sewing Mc (New Style for Big Bag) 6. Automatic Heat Cutting & Sewing M/C (For Small Bag) 7. Two Layers Inflation Machine 8. Inner Film Inserter 9. Inside Lamination Machine 10. ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Ming Jilee Enterprise Co., Ltd.

we provide film blowing machinery, PP thin sheet machinery, thick sheet making machines, high speed P.P inflation tubular film making machinery, photo pocket & name card pocket making machines, fully automatic dividers & indexing system, pocket sealing & cutting machinery, computer automatic file clip making machines, CPP thin film making machinery, waste recycling & ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shang Ta Chia Industrial Co., Ltd.

We manufacture extrusion machines and auxiliary equipment, including plastics extruders, PP hollow profile sheet sealing machines, PP welding rod extrusion line, PP hollow bubble sheet co-extrusion line, PP film extrusion line, PP/PC/PVC corrugated sheet extrusion line, PP/PC hollow profile sheet extrusion line, PP/PS/PET sheet extrusion line, PP/3D stationery sheet ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Song Ming Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.

1. Waste Plastic (PE PP PVC PS ABS PC) Recycling Plants: 2. Materbactch Pelletizing Plant. 3. TPR / EVA / PVC Compound Pelletizing Plant. 4. High Speed Mixer & Cooling Blender. 5. Recycling Peripherals: Shredder Granulators, Vertical Mixers, Knife Grinders and Hydraulic Cutters, Hi-speed Mixers, and Pellet Cutters.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Zhejiang Zhuxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

1. Film Blowing Machine 2. Bag Making Machine 3. Paper Bag Machine 4. Overwapping Machine 5. Printing Machine 6. Slitting Machine 7. Punching Machine 8. Plastic Regenerative Pelletizer 9. Plastic Gind Machine 10. Machine Fittings

    China China

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