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eYc FTS140 Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS140

Using Mass flow principle A better choice for HVAC engineering ● Hot wire mass flow transmitter ● IP rating:IP54 ● Linear adjustment function ● Switching analog output by dip switch ● Off set function by button ● The housing and probe material ...

eYc FTM06D Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM06D

● Thermal mass flow sensor ● Can measure air velocity and air volume ● Analog / RS-485 / Impulse output ● Built-in temperature compensation, accurate measurement ● Using constant temperature anemometer(CTA) technology, good sensitivity ● ...

eYc FTM06T-A Thermal Mass Type Air Velocity and Flow Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM06T-A

Exhaust gas best solution of air velocity and flow monitoring Features ● Operation buttons to set the diameter range; for measuring flow and velocity ● Analog / RS-485 / Impulse output, multiple output options ● Capable of ...

eYc FTC04 Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch

Model : eYc FTC04

Strong, wide measurement range, flexible for water, oil and gas measurement Based on thermodynamic principle, FTC04 features 2 temperature sensors inside the probe: one for medium temperature, the other one is heated a few ...

eYc FTS14 Thermal Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS14

● Temperature compensation, linear adjustment function ● Switching analogue output by dip switch ● Off set function by button More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

eYc FTM94/95 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM94FTM95

IP67 Rugged stainless steel case, fit in variety harsh environment Easy to install, imported sensing element, high accuracy, long-term stability Switch multifunction physical quantities(Air velocity and ...

eYc HFUM Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Model : eYc HFUM

HFUM handheld ultrasonic flow meter is designed to work with clamp-on sensors to measure the liquid flow within a closed pipe without any insertion mechanical parts. Mainly be used for routing inspection or pipe monitoring, very ...

eYc AFMT Average Flow Measuring Tube ( Pitot tube )

Model : eYc AFMT

Stainless steel housing, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, can measure micro flow rates If connect with eYc micro differential transmitter PHM33 or PMD33 with Multi-function display SD06 or DPM02 is a ...

eYc AFMS-160 S-type Pitot tube

Model : eYc AFMS-160

High temperature resistance, Corrosion resistant, Anti-clogging, Data convert to flow rate quickly .Stainless steel, high temperature, corrosion resistant .Large, open tip design resists fouling .Can be used in harsh environments, exhaust gas ...

eYc FTS07 Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter for Probe Type

Model : eYc FTS07

● Measuring range: 10 m/s;20 m/s ● Highly stability and repeatability ● Smaller tolerance in setting angle ● An economical choice, high C/P ratio More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

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