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K8418A is formulated with a proprietary activator system with low percentage of rosin for improving thermal stability.  It is a highly active, no-clean flux performed the broadest process window with low defects rates. K8418A provides ...

Lead Free Solder Balls ( Electroplating Anodes )

Model : Electroplating Anodes

Electroplating Anode is applied in the electroplating process and is made by high purity tin under the strictly quality control. Because of the high component of tin amd low imputity, the electric conductivity of the item is better, the dross is ...

Tin Lead Solder Bars (Sn50/Pb50)

Model : Sn50/Pb50

Sn50/Pb50 solder bar is applied to tin spraying over PCB and widely applicable to automatic soldering wave machine.

Tin Lead Solder Wires (Sn63/Pb37)

Model : Sn63/Pb37

Sn63/Pb37 tin-lead cored wire has been developed for use in the electronic industry. The green electronic materials- Sn/Ag/Cu (Pb free, no halide) solder materials into the Taiwan electronics industry.


Extra Low Spattering,  Zero Halogen,  Hight Reliability 


Extra Low Spattering, Zero Halogen, Hight Reliability 

AR Series Adhesive

- Stable adhesive strength - Fast Heat Cure - Strong Tack - Wide Processing Window -  Excellent Electrical Characteristics


Zero Haogen, High Electronic Reliability 

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