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Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine Series

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Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine Series
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1. Robust of cutting force, rapidity, the cutting cycle can be reached over 1000 times/hr, high efficiency.

2. Low noise and equipped with fine adjusting device, the cutting stoke can be adjusted easily, furthermore, the cutting knife & anvil board can be prolonged servicing life.

3. Equipped with cutting knife setting device, so that, the cutting knife height adjustment will be accuracy, simple & quickly.

4. This machine is reformed against the failure of traditional mechanic cutting machine, compact & beauty.

5. This machine is suitable for rubber, leather, sponge foam, nylon, cloth, paperboard & various synthetic material making forming cutting.
1. Model: YU-530
2. Cutting area m/m: 610x1600
3. Max. hydraulic Acting force: 30 Ton
4. Power: 5HP
5. Stroke: 10~100
6. Machine size m/m: 1850x1050x1530
7. Measurement m/m: 1920x1100x1680
8. N.W/G.W. : 2000kgs/2300kgs

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