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Worm Gears

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Worm Gears
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TAI-YIH SUN worm gear is widely applied in aquaculture. TAI-YIH SUN reducer is made consistently and equipped with the special high-precision processing machine, hobbing machine, and CNC lathe machine, CNC machine center. All sizes have been accurately calculated and designed, so compared to other brands, TAI-YIH SUN reducer are with high efficiency, and low power consumption, high quality, it's use life will be lasted more than 5 years.
Main parts of reducer:
1. Worm shaft: worm shaft of TAI-YIH SUN reducer uses S45C material with precise processing of CNC machine, get the HRC58º hardness of heat treatment, then grinding the teeth of worm shaft heat treatment to achieve concentricity precision of worm shaft and worm wheel.
2. Worm wheel: worm shaft of TAI-YIH SUN reducer was made by the advanced aluminum-bronze material with high hardness, wear resistance and toughness. After CNC lath machine processing and special purpose hobbing machine processing to achieve consistent match with shaft worm wheel and worm shaft.
3. Stainless steel shaft: out put shaft of TAI-YIH SUN reducer is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Each shaft has been CNC machine precision maching a high balance and concentricity the position bearing and seal.
4. Please refer to attached specifications and information.

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