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Steel Deep Well Submersible Pumps

Model : N/A

Features: 1. Spiral fluted wheel with multiple integeated spiral impellers, which provides a capability of rapid and precise combination and durability. 2. Connecting plate made of flexible materials, which protects the blades from being ...

S Type Sewage Pump

Model : s type

CHARACTERISTICS: 1. The flow route for this machine is specially designed. The extraction of mud, dirties, and various waste water can be operate efficiently. 2. Impeller adopted specially materials. It is firm as well as grinding-resistant. ...

Water Cooling Submersible Motors

Model : Water Cooling

Feature: 1. TAI-YIH SUN submersible motor adopted B-grade insulation of copper coil and water cooling also inject epoxy resin into the coil of submersible motor to prevent from the moisture enter into it's coil to achieve the water proof-1P ...

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