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Bevel Gears

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Bevel Gears
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TAI-YIH SUN Bevel gear made of SAE 8620 alloy steel. Throungh processing and precision machinery processing on bevel gear and carburizing heat treatment to enhance the surface hardness, the characteristics of TAI-YIH SUN bevel gear are rigidly outside with-touahness inside and the surface hardness can reach to HRC 60∘. Hence, this bevel gear can be last long life and it's not easily broken. TAI-TIH SUN Bevel gear process through multi-channel precision machining forging procedures, and the interactive function of many parts, low helical gear to achieve minimixe power consumption. TAI-YIH SUN bevel gear is constantly tested. We fount out, we got result. TAI-YIH SUN bevel gear compare with the other brand worm gear. TAI-YIH SUN bevel gear compare with thw other brand worm gear. TAI-YIH SUN bevel gear can save more 30% power consumption.
Big & small bevel gear: TAI-YIH SUN bevel gear made of SAE8620 ally steel with forging and processing by bevel Gear. It can increase bevel gear. It can increase beve gear longer life and decrease power consumption.

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