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Katsuhana Fasteners Corporation

Manufacturer of fasteners and fittings include tapping screw, sems screw, socket set screw, drywall screw, thread rolling screws, particleboard screw, desk screw, flooring screw, roofing screw, wood screw, mansory/ concrete screw, furniture screw, collated screw, stainless steel screw, chipboard screw, machine screw, multi-stroke screw, open die screw, special coatings, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chan Liang Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of high-valued specialty fasteners in carbon and stainless steel for various small screws, including self tapping and drilling screws, thread rolling screws, machine screws, drywall screws, SEMS screws, roofing screws, special screws, stainless steel screws, concrete and cement screws, chipboard and particle board screws, cutting screws, mansory screws, wood ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Topist Enterprise Co., Ltd.

An exporter & manufacturer of screw product and CNC machined parts and assorted hardware components, including self drilling screws, various special screws, rings, washers, spring pins, stamping parts, stainless screws and bolts, brass inserts, DIY packing screws, lathe part, brass bit inserts, self tapping screws, insert nuts, thread forming (SEMS, socket, hex head cap, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Boss Precision Works Co., Ltd.

We manufacture industrial fasteners supply, including stainless steel screws, self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, high tensile bolts, concrete screws, dry wall screws, roofing screws, machine screws, furniture screws, nuts, washers, bits, collated nails, head painted screws, thread cutting screws, stainless screws, trilobular screws, alloy steel screws (bolts), ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Top-Green Corporation

Manufacturer and exporter of self drilling tapping taptite screws, various special screws, rings, washers, spring pins & various stamping parts, milled press parts, stainless screw & bolts (nuts), electronics screws, hose clamps, brass inserts, machine screws, carbon steel/ stainless steel 302, 304, 410 self-drilling screws, 410T self tapping screws, thread forming screws, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Fu Yeh International Corporation

Manufacture of fasteners include self drilling screw, roofing screw, tapping screw, chipboard screw, drywall screw, flat head screw, SEMS screw, machine screw, masonry screw, lag & concrete screw, stamping part, multi stage product, blot & screw forming tooling, and so forth.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chishti Enterprise Ltd.

1. Screws 2. Bolts 3. Nuts 4. Special Bolt with Nut 5. Washer 6. Rivet 7. Forming Die

    Taiwan Taiwan

Leading Hardware Corporation

Manufacturer and supplier of industrial fasteners including high tensile, hot forged, hex, head, track and flange bolts, 12 point flange, T head, carriage and big size bolts, thread rods, stud, self-drilling and roofing screwes, wahser, nut, concrete screws, drywall screws, furniture screws, plastic screws, nylon head self-drilling screws, one way self tapping screws, sems ...

    Taiwan Taiwan
  • Taiwan Taiwan

Ray Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of all kind of fasteners and steel wires such as drilling & self tapping screws, thread cutting & rolling screw, chipboard & particle board & drywall screw, construction screw, window & roofing screws, dowel screw, stainless steel metric machine screws, hex & cheese cap & socket screws, set & thread forming screw, SMS & concrete screws, multi- troke screw, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


The Hsieh Chin company was established in 1972 by president Cheng-Chung, Hong and it was changed to "CHANNG CHIN INDUSTRY CORP." in the year of 1991. Our company was highly stressed on the development of R&D and manufacture process improvement which in accordance with our high quality demanded.Initially, we main produced Cutting Wood Screw but we import ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Focus Fasteners Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing custom-made screws according to drawings. As we are not a trading company, our factory mainly produces screws with our best know-how and the most competitive factory prices. Our factory ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Chu Wu, we was established in 1985, a professional well-experienced manufacturer and exporter in fasteners and precise parts. We provides kinds of fasteners, machining parts, cold forming parts, thread size from M0.8 to M12, also we specialize in developing new parts according to customer request. . With excellent quality, competitive price and prompt delivery, we've ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Tapping, Machine, drywall, chipboard, parfical, deck, tek, sems screw, window, special screws, OEM parts

    Taiwan Taiwan

Honor Best Co., Ltd.

screw, screws, fastener, deck screw, decking screw, drywall screw, tapping screw, electronic screw, furniture screw, machine screw, self drilling screw, nail, anchor, plastic screw, floor screw, sems screw

    Taiwan Taiwan


Machine & Thread Forming Screw (Taptite), Self Drilling, Self Tapping, Stainless Steel Screw, Hi-Lo Screw & Concrete Screw, Chipboard, Drywall & Collated Screw, Sems Screw, Customer-designed screw

    Taiwan Taiwan


Elevate International Co., Ltd. is the fastest growing and the most innovative supplier of sheeting fastener systems and closure products for the metal construction industry. Elevate is a quality-driven and service-driven company, bringing together the right people with knowledge and experience to ensure quality products, competitive prices and the right products for your ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Zhejiang Jingyi Standard Components Co., Ltd.

sems screws,sems bolt,spring lock washer,din7985 pan bolt,screw with washers,lather parts

    China China


1. Carbon steel and alloy steel screw, nut and parts with motorcycle application. 2. Carbon steel and alloy steel screw, nut and parts with automobile application. 3. Carbon steel screw, nut and parts with electronic application. 4. Carbon steel and Aluminum screw, nut and parts with sporty & in-line skate application. 5. Carbon steel and alloy steel screw, nut and ...

    Taiwan Taiwan
Primary member : Sems Screw Suppliers & Manufacturers

Ho Hong Screws Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial supplies and fastener products, including SEMS screws, cheese head screws, miniature screw, slotted screw, electronics screw, self tapping screws, machines screws, steel / metal screws, torx screw, customer-made screws, nylon screws, chipboard screws, socket head cap screws, bi metal screws, thread forming/ rolling screws.

    Taiwan Taiwan

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