Katsuhana Fasteners Corporation

Company Introduction

Katsuhana Fasteners Corporation is a professional teamwork, which specializes in fasteners & fittings more than 15 years. The co-operative manufacturers, ISO 9001 certificated, as our strong background and supporting, an affiliated company production capacity can be around 500-1000 metric tons per month. Katsuhana origins in the pronunciation of Japanese, the abbreviation of three first names of Japan clients, because of their experience, knowledge and skills pass on. Moreover, base on the spirits of Japanese, quality and service are much more than everything, the reliable supplier to you. Watching over all the processing, we are your best choice. ...

Contact us

Company Name :Katsuhana Fasteners Corporation
Contact Person :Ms. Sophia Chen
Address :No. 50, Fu Xing Rd., Lu Chu District, Ka
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-7-6073598
Fax :886-7-6073597