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Golden Member : Wax Manufacturers & Suppliers

You Lee Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

We offer permanent hair dyes, hair perm creams, hair tonics, scalp (silk protein, polymer) treatments, hair deep cleansers, hair conditionings, hair styles water clear gels, semi-finished products, herb hair dyes, hair perms lotions, natural herb hair dyes, perm wave lotions, hair straightening creams, rebonding creams, no ammonia odors, hair salon products, fast coloring ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Sotek Technology Co., Ltd.

Main products include investment lostwax castings, die castings, sand casts, CNC machinings/ turnings parts, siners, NCT/ stamping parts, injections molds & assembled, sand casting parts, semifinished products, precision die casting, stamping process and assembly, MIM metal injection moldings, plastics injection mold & parts (special materials), clamps, fittings, sinters ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

C & S Metal Products Co., Ltd.

1. Investment castings- metal & precision casting, alloy investment casting. 2. Lost wax casting products- construction parts, copy machine parts, hardware casting, propellers, impellers, metal parts, plumbing fittings, hoist & power tool parts, steel & pneumatic diaphragm pump parts, machine & vacuum pump parts, garden tools, 3C metal parts, automotives parts, air driven ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Green Mountain Co., Ltd.

Reliable supplier of agricultural and chemical products, such as paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, mono ammonium phosphates, copper oxides, lithium battery, li ion batteries, naphthalene balls, camphor balls, candle machines, fully refined paraffin wax, copper sulfate & oxide, sulfamic acid, facial masks, cleaners surfactants, acetal copolymer ( POM), potassium ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


faucets, bathroom accessories, plumbing supplies and related components.

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Tige Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

care supply- hardware, automobile maintenance products & RV recreational vehicle accessory- waxing & washing aid car wax, air fresheners, repair & reatment aid, body wax, car wash, protectant & cleaner, windshield care, RV ( recreational vehicle accessory) protective wax, water block & newing hard & UV ( Ultraviolet ) block wax, kizz clear, color up, fusso 99, white super ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Sundeal Enterprise Corp.

(1) vehicles, cars, automobiles accessories- car care chemicals including automotive chemicals, cleaning supplies, detergents, waxes, polishes. (2) household goods including air fresheners, ornamentations. (3) computer peripherals- screen shields.

    Others Others

Direct Manufacturer Supplier International Inc.

Manufacturer of RC parts, turning parts, milling parts, turn parts, die casting parts, custom precision parts, universal joint, machine camera parts, optical parts, CNC parts, extrusion parts, radio control parts, stainless steel pipe bending, welding, laser cut, machining parts, micro precision parts, and the like.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shenzhen Jianfeng Hardware Factory

1. CNC lathes machining parts 2. Machining center precision parts- Aluminium fittings, CNC Machining parts, Communication cavity, Headset accessories, Machinery accessories, Radiator. 3. Automatic lathes machining parts 4. Casting part 5. stamipng

    China China

Fu Tai Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

we provide centrifugal castings, stainless steel& iron casting, lost wax casting, special machine, whole plant equipment, paddle wheel aerator, industrial speed reducers and CNC processing, oilless wear plates, complete aluminum extrusion equipments for full plant operation includeing extrusion press, stretcher, aluminum billet sawing machine, aluminum section sawing ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Donewell Precision Casting Corporation

We provide lost wax precision golf heads- golf part supply, club supplies, equipment used for golf, iron & custom (customized, custom made) golf heads, wedges, putters and metal wood, club assembly, head irons, stainless steel heads, titanium face golf heads, drivers heads, irons heads, steel shafts heads, long hitting heads.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Auroral Sinter Metal Co., Ltd.

We provide (1) electrical computer sinter products, stepper motor transmission gears, motorcycles/ cars parts, aftermarket & custom-made car parts, bearing parts, machines parts, electric parts, gear parts, helical gear parts, plating parts, stepping motor gear parts, electric power tool parts, oil pump parts, air power tool parts, timing gear parts, rotor parts, brass ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Henan Dongyang Wax Industry Co., Ltd.

Fischer tropsch wax,microcrystalline wax,tealight candle,pillar candle,comb foundation,bee wax

    China China
    China China

Weishan Starlight Wax Co., Ltd.

Weishan Starlight Wax Co., Ltd. lies on the bank of Weishan Lake which is renowned as the lake producing a bucket of gold per day. We are in the north of Xuzhou City which is one of the main cites in Jiangsu Province, and Qufu City is the birthplace of Confucian Culture. Weishan County enjoys convenient transportation with Great Canal and No. 104 National Highway running ...

    China China

Hangzhou Ehoo Wax Figures Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd.

silicone wax figure,sculpture processing,museum scene

    China China

Jingjiang Victory Plastics Material Factory

stearate,Sb2O3,Styrene butadiene latex,AC Foaming agent,ESO,PVC heat stabilizer,PE wax,NBR powder

    China China

Jingjiang Concord Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.

Stearic Acid,Borate Coupling Agent,PVC Resin,DLP,Tribasic Lead Sulfate,LDPE,LLDPE,ACR,Paraffin Wax

    China China

Fushun Tongye Chemical Co., Ltd.

Fully Refined Paraffin Wax,Semi Refined Paraffin Wax,Candle wax,Industrial Wax,Petro wax

    China China

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