Guilin Liang Hua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Our company is located in Shuiping Industrial Park, Guangyang County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province. Our company was founded in 2008 and is specialized in biotechnology R&D and production. Our company is one of the leading enterprises for Guilin agricultural industrialization. Our company has an investment of 3,300 million Yuan and our plant covers an area of 70,667 square meters, including 13,000 square meters of building area. Our "purple sweet potato purification and extract and natural pigment construction project" was included in 2011 to support key projects in Guangxi by the government.

Relying on the existing local resources, we are integrated into a huge production chain. Nowadays, our products include purple sweet potato and carrot dry powder red natural pigments, purple sweet potato flours and purple sweet potato noodles. The chemical base industry, traditional agriculture deep processing industry and biotechnology industry have formed a research, production and marketing industrial cluster.

Our company has an annual production capacity of 250 tons of natural plant pigment powders, including 100 tons of red purple potato pigment powders and 150 tons of carrot pigment powders. We also have an annual production capacity of 3000 tons of purple sweet potato flours and 2000 tons of purple sweet potato noodles.

Our annual turnover is more than 8,000 million Yuan. Our purple sweet potato planting area is 10,000 acres and our red radish planting area is 12,000 acres, with more than 10,000 local farmers.

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