Shenzhen Weili Positioning Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Established in 1998, Yuwei Info Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Our company is an engineering group and manufacturer, specializing in GPS tracking system, telematics, and software. A variety of GPS systems come out and support all fields of applications: vehicle tracking for car, fleet management, personal tracking for workforce management security, assets / equipment tracking and other solutions. Yuwei is also an AVL solution provider for worldwide services in fleet management, location based services, and machine-to-machine applications.

With about 120 employees, Yuwei develops and manufactures a number of GPS tracking systems under the leadership of a team of around 40 engineers (32 hardware design and test engineers and 8 software engineers) with extensive experience in GPS and GSM/GPRS Telematics technology.

Yuwei is also an OEM provider for customers from at home and abroad. We provide hardware and software design services, supporting customers worldwide.

Moreover, Yuwei can be an important partner for the development based on a new web & PC standalone tracking platform to make LBS, GPS fleet and logistics management upgrade the stability and innovation in current monitoring facilities. They are mainly for workforce security, asset tracking applications, and turnkey solutions whenever it is ready for market, and when time and low-investments but high reliability in R&D is the essence for your company. The year of 2007 witnessed our remarkable expansion in global market. We are endeavoring to offer ever growing support for each special request.

We accept any new customized requests and protect our clients' intellectual property, offering an unbeatable price structure to support partners from developed and developing countries. Furthermore, we are under the leadership of a well organized management team, and a talented R&D group that keep a good record in new project development. Our production line assures a monthly output of 10000 units and a strictly principled QC regulation and testing apparatus maintain the highly demanded quality. Normal lead time for vehicle trackers like ET700 is 5 days with 200 units order. This is realized by our strategic partnership with Siemens, GPS module suppliers like SiRF III and Ublox and our sophisticated internal management solutions. ...

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