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MRI (Micro Raman Identification) 

 MRI (Micro Raman Identification) is a compact and modularized micro Raman system whose laser could be easily swapped with other lasers of different wavelengths. Its optical path could also be optimized accordingly by the users without difficulty. This design, granted Taiwan invention patents (I570402, I593953) as well as a US utility patent (US 10,247,674 B2), further enables Raman measurements at flexible angles and in difficult positions.

Raman Mapping(Optional)

Advanced Raman mapping feature, with the XY motorized stage
•75 X 50 mm or 100 X 100 mm
•Resolution 0.01 µm (smallest step size)@XY
•Resolution typical 0,002 μm @Z
•Depend on the weight of sample

Two Ways Controlled the power of Laser (GMDX & MRI)

Laser power output could be directly controlled by software, at 1 mW/step for RGB Lasersystems, one of the major laser brands used in MRID. In addition, laser power could be reduced by a round continuously variable neutral density filter (O.D 2.0~0.04) that is also controlled by software with high precision.


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