Kimble Corporation

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Company Introduction :Kimble Corporation since 1984, Kimble Corporation to maintain its position as a prime supplier of refractory products in Asian markets .

Kimble Corporation can supply you with high purity raw materials and refractory products used in the steel, metallurgical and cement industries.
Main Products :Dead Burned Magnesite
Light Burned Magnesite
Calcined Magnesite Ball
Fused Magnesia Page
Calcined Magnesite Powder
Sodium Silicates Powder
Magnesia-Chrome Brick
Magnesia-Alumium Brick
General Magnesia Brick
Magnesia-Carbon Bricks

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Company Name :Kimble Corporation
Address :29, Tiangung St .
City :Kaohsiung
Province / State :Kaohsiung
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Website :
Telephone :+8867-323-8881
Fax :+8867-323-5985