Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd

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Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd
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Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. Operating a variety ofrubber molds and rubber parts, product development, design,manufacturing, sales and service areas, more than 20 yearsof accumulated technology and experience.Of 97 Years since the expansion of three manufacturingplant floor, set the clean room facility, moving toward thehigh-tech products, have been put into a variety ofmeasurement, testing equipment, the introduction of themost sophisticated CNC tooling machines, the system forautomobiles, electronics , Semiconductors, medical productsand components with the special domestic and internationalcustomer demand to supply.Jie Sheng technology in technical innovation, research anddevelopment to enhance quality and lower defect rate.International environmental trends according to customerrequirements to promote the use of toxic and restrictedsubstances (ROHS) height requirements, to achieve highquality and green social responsibility. Adhere to thephilosophy of customer service ...

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Company Name :Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd
Address :No. 2, Lane 92, Chen Nan 1 St.
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-6-2433253
Fax :886-6-2535958