Fusheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Having a vision is a great thing. Knowing strong and reliable partners to realize it is even greater. At EU COMP, we trust in the power of innovation. In an industry that presents us with new expectations every day, nothing is as valuable as an idea that has the potential to conquer the challenges of tomorrow. As a future-oriented German company, EU COMP is influenced by the spirit of a country that has mastered the bridging of its past and the third millennium like no other in Europe. At EU COMP we unite the tradition of German thoroughness with what our nation stands for today: innovation, flexibility and cosmopolitanism. With our cutting-edge products, we create a bridging into the future of compressor technology. That’s the reason why our dynamic enterprise makes it a priority to listen to what our customers have to say. Their impact, combined with our expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry's requirements forms the foundation for a successful partnership. A continuous dialogue with OEM partners around the world on the one hand, and the close cooperation with globally recognized institutions on the other hand ensures that our products are always state-of-the-art and the best in what compressor technology has to offer. Committed to the highest standards in design, manufacturing and service, we approach each and every project from the perspective that it is capable of opening the door to future business opportunities for our customers. Their needs are our guideline for developing new and innovative products that are designed to operate most efficiently while at the same time raising the bar for anything and anyone coming after us. ...

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