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Company Introduction :GlobalSat Technology Corp. was established in 2000 and soon become a major manufacturer of GPS receivers and electronic communications in the world. We have refined our core product lines to GPS applications, which consist of All-In-One Car Navigator, Bluetooth GPS, Cable GPS, SDIO/ Compact Flash GPS, GPS Tracking System ( GSM/ GPRS/ SMS communication with GPS/ A-GPS), Wrist Type GPS Personal training Devices, GPS Engine Boards/ Modules and GPS System Integration. In order to ensure continuous improvement of processes and a continued high quality standard, GlobalSat has introduced quality management in compliance with ISO 9001:2000. We've been ISO 9001 certified for the designing, manufacturing and trading of GPS receiver, Bluetooth Module and Electronic Parts & Component. From the starting beginnings of Bluetooth, with the enormous development and participation in innovation solutions within this industry, we received a certification in recognization of GTC as the associate member of the Bluetooth SIG as a Special Interest Group in 2004. For the excellence of sales achievement, GlobalSat received the award of recognition from SiRF as a record growth through strategic partnership and excellence in design in 2003. We export mainly to Europe and North America. Sales to the North American markets are mainly facilitated in its subsidiary office in L.A., California. Catering mostly to ODM buyers, most of the company’s products are bundled into the clients’ system products, such as PDAs or mobile/smart phones. Sales to other regions are mostly achieved through regional channel distributors. GlobalSat has five years of ODM experience, selling to several publicly listed companies. We provide a customization service, which contains customers’ industrial designs, electronic designs, system integration and software development, to meet the special project requirements. GlobalSat's products are sold through most leading distribution channels worldwide for its innovation and design excellence. Our superior product design not only earned iF design award. In 2008, GlobalSat also Macsimum Awards from MacWorld for Best Product in the market.
Main Products :GPS ( global positioning system) manufacturers- automotive ( auto, automobiles, vehicle, car) navigation ( navigators), GPS watch, GPS tracking, GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker for vehicle tracking, GPS tracking and security systems, personal trackers, GPS data logger, compact flash GPS receiver, bluetooth GPS receivers, cable GPS, GPS engine boards, GPS modules ( molds, moulds, molding, moulding), CF GPRS modem, bluetooth wireless GSM/GPRS modems, GPS antennas, GPS active antenna, PDA holder, other related accessories.
Business Nature :Manufacturer
Year Established :2000
Current Export Markets :Worldwide

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Company Name :Globalsat Technology Corporation
Contact Person :Mr. Shian Je Chen
Country :Taiwan Taiwan