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Hydraulic Electro-Heating Forming, Embossing & Cutting Machines

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Hydraulic Electro-Heating Forming, Embossing & Cutting Machines
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1. This machine is adopted electric heat forming and coupled with molding which can be formed & cut once, the will reduced the error which generated by cutting & in-formalized of operator labor & time saving, not to need professional operator.
2. This machine is suitable for hot-pressing forming & embossing forming such as: PU leather, cowhided leather, pig hide, movable shoe pad, sponge foam forming, vamp forming cotton forming or various leather-wares embossing forming etc.
3. Designed of double column structure, stable, robust, long servicing life, simplicity of operating.
4. Adoped of electronic circuiting & double push button safety control which can be assured the operator's safety, Especially, the temp of up & lower molding can be controlled separatively and temp can be reached 350oC.
5. Powerful of hydraulic acting force and each molding can be operated independently which very suitable for multiple product, cost saving & multiplicity of production.
1. Model: YU-8425H
2. Moulding size (LxW) m/m: 360x450
3. No. of moulding: 4
4. Max. hydraulic Acting force: 66 Tonx4
5. Power: 10HP
6. Electric heating: 60kw
7. Machine size m/m: 1150 x 2400 x 1950
8. Measurement m/m: 1200 x 2600 x 2200
9. N.W./G..W.: 3400kgs/3550kgs
10. Hydraulic power unit size: 1400 x 800 x 1250
11. Meas. of hydraulic power unit m/m: 1550 x 930 x 1450
12. N.W./G.W.: 500kgs/600kgs

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