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Company Introduction :Shenzhen Heavensea Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in Taiwan. We manufacturer of electronic, electrical communication products, include GPS receivers, GPS navigations, DVR cards, GPS, waterproof bags, bluetooth GPS receivers, GPS accessories, PDA car holder, PDA car mount, GPS auto mounting kit, etc.. Our products are of following advantages: durability, precision, delicacy, efficiency, and accurate function, so you are able to promote your market without worrying about competition. We continue substantial investments in research and development to produce products at the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency. And develop new products to meet our customer demands in a dynamic ever-changing marketplace. Customer satisfaction will always be our top priority and we will continue to contribute to the success of our customers. We always do our best to fully satisfy our customers, therefore, Shenzhen Heavensea is a one stop supplier capable of supplying all your fasteners needs in all materials and finished. Welcome you!!
Main Products :electronic ( electrical, electric) communication products, GPS accessory ( accessories)- GPS receivers, GPS receiver, GPS navigation systems, GPS navigation system, DVR cards, DVR card, DVR systems, GPS tracking & portable systems, personal & GPS car tracker, GPS solutions, GPS & car ( automobile, vehicle, auto) navigators, GPS mouse & PDA navigations, car security systems, DVBT GPS systems, bluetooth ( blue tooth) & wireless GPS receivers, GPS holders & handhelds ( hand helds), GPS reviews, maps, antennas, mouses, GPS engine boards, GPS ( bluetooth GPS) data loggers, bluetooth dongles. GPS modules, external antennas, TPU waterproof ( water proof) bags, dust proof, humidity proof, PDA bags, PDA car holders, PDA car mounts, GPS auto mounting kit.
Business Nature :Manufacturer
Year Established :2004
Current Export Markets :West Europe , East Europe , North America , South America , China

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Company Name :Shenzhen Heavensea Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person :Ms. Doris Lee
Country :China China