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GPS Data Loggers/Locators
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Pedestrian navigation system - GPS guider:
Have you ever needed to know where the nearest cinema, restaurant or bar is? Where you left your car? And where the nearest underground station is? If so, then a GPS Guider is the answer. With ARKNAV's K-01 GPS Guider in your pocket you'll never be lost in an unfamiliar city or environment. K-01's simple, clear directions will take you straight your destination.

ARKNAV's latest pocket GPS device is dedicated to pedestrian navigation. K-01 is a personalized "electronic compass" that not only points you at your chosen destination, it also allows users to mark specific locations, such as a tent in a camp site, an entrance to a large shopping mall or theme park to find your way back to the marked point. The applications are endless; imagine finding your way back to you car at a huge sporting event, or your camp-site location at a huge music event!

Compared to existing pedestrian navigation solutions designed for cell phones, K-01 GPS Guider is not only more cost-effective, but it also provides longer operation time.
1. Features:
(1) Compact size, smaller than a business card.
(2) Up to 30 hrs operation time.
(3) Displaying current location info (time, date, latitude, longitude and altitude).
(4) Always hot start, fast TTFF.
(5) User defined POI reminder.
(6) User friendly PC software for POI editing.
2. Benefits:
(1) The most cost-effective solution for pedestrian navigation.
(2) Small key ring size device - easy to carry.
(3) Never get lost on holidays, at concerts or events.
(4) Simple interface, easy to understand.
(5) Indicates directions to the destination, distance and traveling speed.
3. Applications:
(1) City tour: pre-loaded theme POI data, such as shopping & dining guides, underground stations, banks, hotels, pubs/bars, coffee shops, museums,
(2) Theme park and national park navigation.
(3) Outdoor activities: camping, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, etc.
(4) Theme points reminder: petrol stations, parking lots, ATMs, etc.

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