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Hot And Cold Water Dispensers

Model : CJ-258CH

1. Magic water system. 2. Both hot and cold water.

TKV Series Filter Housings


1. Accepts SOE flat closed end SOE fin closed end or DOE style filter cartridges. 2. Accepts seven-10", 20", 30", 40" cartridges from and optimum choice for the various flow rates. 3. 7-around designs provide longer ...

Flow Series Filter Cartridges

Model : N/A

1. Pleated and high flow rates and dirt holding capacity. 2. Non-fiber releasing. 3. All polypropylene parts, polypropylene support layer, with thermal welding to minimize extractable.

Cartridge filter Housings

Model : #61

1. Product name: clear/blue cup & dual color water filter housing and RO membrane housing. 2. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential, commercial and industrial. 3. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and ...

Water Filtration Systems

Model : FGS-3CT

1. Counter top / under sink. 2. Three stages. 3. FGS series filtration system.

Cabinet Softeners


Removable: calcium, magnesium, and other soluble elements cause by water hardness.

RO Purifier Demo Kits

Model : #188

R.O. purifier demo kit with TDS tester and water quality electrolyer.

S.S. Membrane Housings


1. Commercial & industrial RO accessories. 2. Double o-ring.

RO Membrane Housings

Model : #50

1. RO membrane housing. 2. With double o-ring, one is one the cap and the other one is on the head of the cup.

Water Filtration Systems

Model : CTF-3

1. Counter top. 2. Three stages.

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