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Permanent Hair Dyes

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Permanent Hair Dyes
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1. We provide more than 60 colors of permanent hair dye in regular mass production. The range of hue covers natural color, ash, iridescent, golden, coppery, auburn, reddish and violet color series. The customers are encouraged to request us to develop new color for his own application as well.
2. Our products do contain ammonium, but customer will not smell any unpleasant odor of ammonium from our permanent hair dye due to special emulsion formulation. Our RD team has developed so called LIQUID CRYSTAL emulsion system in permanent hair dye, which can well mask ammonium odor. In additional to this benefit, it requests less ammonium content in hair dye but still results in excellent coloring performance. Due to low ammonium, the hair dye is friendlier to the hair fiber than traditional dyes. Our product contains wheat protein and oil. This ingredient has a very special chemical composition thanks to which it is much more resistant to oxidation, and provides extra moisturisation and softness. It makes the hair more shine and flexible. We provide both PPD and PTD recipe. The color can well cover grey hair and resist to shampoo.
3. For darkening grey hair, we can provide fast coloring dye which needs only 7 to 10 minutes developing time. To lighten the dark hair, we have the products which need less 30minutes developing time but give up to 4 level lift.
We provide 10V up to 40V developer. The peroxide emulsion are stable against storage and does not irritate to the scalp.

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