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SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR Color These type of products do not contain ammonia, developer and metal. It is very suitable to be used between two dyeing or on  hair which dyeing colorant is already disappear . The color is long ...

Permanent oxidative hair dye

Permanent oxidative hair dye We can provide more than 150 colors which cover all color series such as golden blonde, red, mahogany, ash , copper , green , violet, and natural color etc . In fact we can provide any color what you need. ...

Hair tonic

Youlee is the reliable Hair Tonic Manufacturing. Include: Ginseng, Fallopia Multiflora Extract, Propolis, Aloe Vera , and Menthol etc. Add neutition to hair follicle, Strengthen the hair root and Enhance hair growth.

Hair Digital Perm

Hair Digital Perm This is a very mild product. During curling process, heat can be applied without damage the hair. It contains rich of amino acid and protein which provides gloss and moisture. The result of curl is very deep and show ...

Henna natural botanic powder for coloring

Bleach Powder manufacturing - Henna natural botanic This is a pure natural botanic powder from India. It contains NATURAL HENNA, AMLA, SHIKAKAI, BRAHMI, MANJISHTA, INDIGO, KAMALA, POMEGRANATE and HARAD. It does not contain any ...

Sachet shampoo type

Sachet  shampoo type The dye and developer is packed in sachet separately. After mixing them, directly apply on hair. This product is very suitable to color gray hair. This is a very economic package. 

Clarifying scalp relief

Clarifying Scalp Relief . Contains avocuta , menthol and very  mild cleanser. . Clarifying the scalp, deeply clean the follicle.

Before/middle treatment lotion

Protection lotion before treatment This lotion contains rich of amino acid . Apply it on damaged hair , it can protect the damaged hair from over-perm, also provides the moisture to the hair to avoid drying. Middle treatment ...


Antidandruff shampoo .Contains menthol and PTO, very effective antidandruff  and antiitching function

Leave on treatment

Leave on treatment . Contains polyquaternium polymer and neutrition. . It makes hair more gloss,  activate the curl, add volume, weightless but no greasy.

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