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LF1-S-TW - LED Flasher for Motorcycle

Product Name :
LF1-S-TW - LED Flasher for Motorcycle
Model No :
1. Universal 2-Pin Electronic LED Flasher Relay for motorcycle/bike.
2. By using this universal fit 2-pin LED flasher, LED bulbs can be installed for the signal lights without adding load resistors.
3. Work to replace most 2-pin flashers (if the wiring order is different, you can always remove the white adapter to plug in the wires/pins directly).
4. Complete waterproof design.
5. Directly replaces an OEM two-wire flasher.
6. Eliminate the need for tapping wires to install load resistors.
7. Allow LED bulbs to blink at a normal rate.

8. Works for most Motorcycles such as Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and many other brands.

9.It's a water proof flasher.

**12V 2P 

** Time Flash : 60-120c/m

**Duty Cycle: 35% to 75%

** Voltage Drop at Rated Current : 800mv

** Rated Voltage: 11 to 15 Volts DC

**Temperature Operating Range : -10∘F  to 140∘F

** Wire length : 2.75' with Plug

** Water Proof

** Solve LED flash problem

This will solve LED related turn signal problems such as repaid flashing , not flashing , or bulb burnt out warnging on dashboard

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