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Led Flasher Relay(CF13 Relay)

Product Name :
Led Flasher Relay(CF13 Relay)
Model No :
CF13GL-02 / CF13JL-02
If it doesn't show up with the malfunction signal no more. And caused that the burnt bulb in erroneous judgement due to the small power consumption for LED BULB.

Once use the type only for LED bulb of flasher that can affective tricks the car computer and solved flashing fast or burnt bulb indications.

Led Turn Signal Flasher

** 12V 3P
** Time Flash : 60-120c/m
** Duty Cycle: 35% to 75%
** Voltage Drop at Rated Current : 800mv
** Rated Voltage: 11 to 15 Volts DC 
** Temperature Operating Range : -10∘F  to 140∘F
Electronic LED 12V Flasher Relay Fix for Turn Signal Blinker
* Use LED Bulb 0.05-10A

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