Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp

Company Introduction

The Formosa Plastics Group is an enterprise which is mainly engaged in the plastics industry, and this enterprise is also engaged in fibre, textiles, dyeing, shipping and educational and medical areas. We extend our enterprise to the electronic parts and naphtha cracking industries, too. Since the Formosa Plastics Corporation was established in 1954, the Formosa Plastics Group's continuous efforts have developed it into a group consisting of more than 100 enterprises. Management is the most important aspect of modern business operations. We realize that only sound management can enable a company to continue to grow in spite of external changes. It has always been our Group's top priority to pursue management. In recent years, all our management systems including procurement, production control, sales,engineering, accounting, performance evaluation, and hospital management have been computerized on an on-line basis for higher efficiency. With regard to the defects and flaws in our operation, it has been our spirits to make a thorough investigation and dig out the root causes of the problems for mprovement. Through the continuous good circle of "DO", "CHECK", and "IMPROVE", we have enabled the management of the people, the work, and the materials to reach the most rational various kinds of on-the-job training to upgrade their abilities. ...

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Company Name :Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp
Contact Person :Mr. 黃文聰
Address :No.201, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist.,
City :Taipei
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
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Telephone :886-02-27122211