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TRIO is a Taiwanese professional Inductor manufacturer.  We have two factories in China.  One is in Dongguan; another is in Suzhou.  They are both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certificated.  We have devoted to the inductor products for more than 16 years.  We aim to offer competitive prices and excellent products to strength your ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic parts and components, including (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, multilayer ceramic dip capacitors, MLCC, safety standard recognized capacitors (Y1, Y2, X1, X2), ceramic chip capacitors, aluminum and SMD electrolytic capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, motor starting capacitors, mini box capacitors, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Prejection Industrial Corp.

We supply a variety of electric coils- 1. Air coil 2. Power choke 3. Power inductor 4. RFID coil 5. WPC wireless charger coil 6. Antenna coils

    Taiwan Taiwan


COILMASTER ELECTRONICS Founded in 1995, COILMASTER is the top SMD Power Inductor, Common Mode Choke, Chip Inductors, LAN Magnetics, EMI Filter, and Coil supplier in the world with constant improvement. We specialize in manufacturing various types ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Acroparts Technology Co., Ltd.

Wire Wound Chip Inductors,Toroidial Power Filters,SMD Transformers,Mutilayer Chip Beads,Mutilayer Chip Inductors,SMD Power Inductors,Mutilayer Chip Capacitors,SMD Tantalum Capacitors,SMD Aluminum Capacitors,Common Mode Choke,SMD Filters

    Taiwan Taiwan


Inductors, SMD Power inductors, wireless power charge coils, toroidal coil for customer design.

    Taiwan Taiwan


SMD Inductor, Common mode filter, Chip inductor, Power Inductor

    Taiwan Taiwan
    China China

Shenzhen Codaca Electronic Co., Ltd.

smd power inductors,molding power choke,molded coils,high current inductors,variable inductors,adjustable inductor,chip inductor,air core,shielded inductor,inductor coils

    China China

Changzhou Southern Electronic Element Factory Co., Ltd.

toroidal coil inductor,power resistor,SMD power inductor,aluminum resistor,reactor,Led Load resistor,Drum core inductor,air core indcutor,ceramic fuse,ferrite transformer

    China China

Ever Bright (Zhuhai) Electronic Co., Ltd.

We Everbright (ZhuHai) Electronic Corporation Ltd. was founded in 2006, which is a professional designer and manufacturer of transformers, coils, inductors and hardware & plastic components. Our headquarter is local in Tai Wan. We also have office in H.K. and U.S.A., factory in Zhuhai China. We mainly manafacture switching power tranformers, audio transformers, ...

    China China

Dongguan Chipsen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

High frequency transformer,Inductor,Common Mode Chokes,SMD Power,Fixed Inductor,Toroidal Coils,Electronic Transformer,Inductor Coils

    China China

Shenzhen Abeat Technology Co., Ltd.

IC,Diode,Integrated Circuit,Capacitor,Transistor,LED,MP3,circuit,module,sensors

    China China

Shenzhen Airuichen Technology Co., Limited

Transistor,Capacitor,Resistor,Relay,Power Supply,LED,LCD Panel,Switch Sensor,Inductor,Quartz Crystal

    China China

Shenzhen K.D.H. Electronics Limited

K.D.H. GROUP (ASIA) LIMITED, established in 1996,is a global electronic components distributors for fifteen years. We specialize in IC Semiconductor components, electronic and Passive components, active Mechanical components. As a experienced distributer,we are strong at all the above areas,especially Capacitors and Inductors of electronic and passive ...

    China China

Guangzhou Miden Electronics Co., Ltd.

Professional Amplifier,Bluetooth MP3,Video player,Car Amplifier,MP5 Module,Amplifier PCBA,Mixer,Digital Audio player,Audio product OEM,Inductor

    China China

Shenzhen Zhenhua Ferrite & Ceramic Electronics Co., Ltd.


    China China
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Easy Magent Corp.

electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts- (1) unshielded & shielded power inductors- SD & DRS power inductors, LQ & LQS power inductors, SDRP & SDRD power inductor, SC & ST & BU ( balun transformers) power inductors, radial inductors, power inductor, DIP & ET power inductors, surface mount shielded & chip inductors, low & high current SMT power inductors, low ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

In-Tech Company Ltd.

electronic ( electrical) parts and components- (1) smd power inductors, smd chip inductors, power chokes, shielded power chip inductors, high current inductors, common mode chokes, wire wound inductors, electrical inductors. (2) antennas- HDTV antennas, directional and dipole antennas, gsm antennas, wireless lan antennas, wlan antenna, indoor antennas, bluetooth antennas, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Gang Song Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- surface mounts, multilayer chip inductors, chip beads, wire wound chip inductors, RFID transponder coils, flat top air core, unshielded & shielded power inductors, common mode choke coil, SMD toroidal coil inductors, axial lead fixed inductors, radial choke inductors, THT power inductors, ferrite beads, wide bead ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

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