Henan Juncheng Foreign Economic And Technological Cooperation Group Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Henan Junction Foreign Economic And Technological Cooperation Group is a large enterprise group which is mainly engaged in construction, is a set of dispatching workers to foreign countries, architectural design, architectural scientific research, equipment installation, decoration and adornment, municipal roads and bridges, environmental protection and energy saving, logistics and distribution for the integration. And we obtained the qualifications of Housing construction general contracting premium certificate, Municipal public works construction general contracting first grade certificate, Real estate development and management first grade certificate, Electrical and mechanical equipment installation and construction general contracting first grade certificate, Ground works and Foundation first grade certificate, Decoration and Adornment first grade certificate, Steel structure Construction first grade certificate, International project contracting And foreign trade, etc.

Our group has 32 legal entities, including wholly owned company, holding shares, buying shares of 16 companies, employs approximately 12,000 people, started or restarted projects area of about 10 million square meters both abroad and domestic,with total assets of 8.2 billion, net assets of 2.6 billion.

Since its establishment , Henan Junction Foreign Economic And Technological Cooperation Group has perfectly and successfully built more than 60 of large-scale construction projects, completed more than 50 million square meters of various buildings. Group has also undertaken a number of landmark buildings, including the National Library, the Cultural Palace of Nationalities, Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal Three, Beijing Subway Line 5 and so on. Group also built a large number of foreign apartments, industrial estates and large-scale scientific research, health care, education, services facilities for National first-tier cities, a number of tracts of residential areas, has made outstanding contributions to the national modernization.

We also created good achievements in the international project contracting, international project general contracting, labor technical services, import and export trade, etc. Since 1995,our Group has successfully built more than 20 projects of the Dubai palm island, Tanzania National Stadium,20,000 sets of social housing in Algeria, Algeria 200 km asphalt road, is the famous one of external engineering general contractors.

Group company in the 16 years of development, adhere to the principles of honesty cooperation, contract-abiding and trustworthy. Quality of the project keeps pass-rate 100% and remains good rate 80% for years.

Since the activity of creating excellence of National project quality from 90s, we have won the highest 36 national award Lubanjiang and 18 National Quality Award works, 12 the Chinese Civil Engineering Award Jeme Tien-yow, winning the leading position in the country. Group company pays much attention to technical innovation, obtains scientific and technological progress awards 185 items, including national level 28 items, the province department level 58 items. ...

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