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Dual DVI USB KVM Extender over SFP Optical Fiber

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Dual DVI USB KVM Extender over SFP Optical Fiber
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The DV-95F12 is a perfect solution for Dual head DVI + Audio USB KVM Extender over SFP Optical Fiber. The system includes DV-95F12T Dual head Transmitter and DV-95F12R Dual head Receiver. The Transmitter connects to PC’s 2 DVI, Audio, and USB, the Receiver connects to 2 DVI displays, speaker, microphone, and USB devices. The solution is based on the standard of LC or SC, SM or MM, single core SFP Fibre-Optic module (1.25Gbps up).

The Transmitter converts input signals (video, audio, USB,) and directly send to the Receiver or through the Ethernet Switch. On the other end of Receiver, receiving directly from the Transmitter or through the Ethernet Switch then converts back to video, audio, USB and send to display, speaker, USB devices. It is perfect solution for the central control room applications.


DV-9512T front /rear view
DV-9512R front /rear view

Model No. Transmitter Receiver
DV-95F12T DV-95F12R
Connectors DVI-D Input 2 N/A
DVI-D Output
N/A 2
IR Bridge (option) Yes
USB 2 x USB-B to PC 4 x USB-A
Audio 2 x Line-In, 2 x Line-Out 2 x MIC-In, 2 x Line-Out
Power AC 100 ~ 240V
System Port 2 x LC or SC, SM or MM, single core SFP Module 2x RJ45 Gigabit 2 x LC or SC, SM or MM, single core SFP Module
Resolution 1920 X 1080 @ 60Hz (or 1080p)
Inter-connect Cable Single Mode or Multi Mode, single core Fiber Cable CAT 6 / 7
Operation Temperature
0 ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature
-20 ~ 85°C
0 ~ 80% Non-condensing
Physical Properties
Metal (Black)
1100 g 1100 g
Dimension (L x W x H)
170x150x50 mm
170x150x50 mm
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Support Dual head DVI video 1080p and PC 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz resolution.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Using standard LC or SC, SM or MM, single core SFP Fibre-Optic module (1.25Gbps up). Easy cabling, easy installation, easy maintenance.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png The Receiver built with DVI-I, can output DVI/HDMI and VGA at the same time.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Support generic USB 2.0 extension, can be used for keyboard, mouse, touch screen, storage.

The Transmitter supports both HDMI/DVI-D and 3.5mm stereo audio.

proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png The Receiver supports both HDMI and 3.5mm stereo audio for speaker/microphone.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Support IR bridge option for the IR at Receiver to control the set-top box at the Transmitter site.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Support bi-direction RS-232 data in between Transmitter and Receiver.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Pure hardware design, plug-and-play, no any additional software installation is required.
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png Provide Web GUI for configuring the unit (IP, Multi/Unicast, Baud Rate, …)
proimages/Icon/circle-icon.png FCC, CE, RoHS.

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