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VGA with Digital Audio Extender for Education

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VGA with Digital Audio Extender for Education
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The AV-730 is a simple, easy to install, easy operation, pure-hardware VGA/Audio extender system specially designed for education. Utilizing the latest Cat5e UTP transmission technology, it achieves crisp, razor sharp, real time video image and high quality stereo audio. The system provides teacher a powerful and easy-to-use classroom management with Broadcast, Blank Screen functions.
  • CAT5 17-port 3-source VGA with Stereo Audio Transmitter Hub.
  • The teacher needs 1 or multiple units depending on the number of students.
AV-717 Ports Connection:
  • Source 1: RJ45-IN from teacher AV-735T.
  • Source 2: VGA2-IN and Audio-Line-IN.
  • Source 3: VGA3-IN
  • VGA-OUT to teacher monitor.
  • Line-OUT to headset.
  • 17 x RJ-45 to student AV-730 box.
Teacher VGA/Audio Box (Optional)
Ports connection:
  • CAT5 In from Tap Switch.
  • CAT5 Out to AV-717 Source 1 port.
  • VGA IN from Teacher PC VGA port.
  • VGA Out to Teacher Monitor.
  • Mic-In from Teacher microphone.
  • Mic-Out to PC MIC port.
  • Line-In for audio input from PC.
  • Line-Out for audio output to headset.
  • EQ/Gain for image clarity/brightness adjustment.
  • DC 5V jack for power input.


1-user Student VGA/Audio Box Each student needs one AV-730 student box.

Ports connection:
  • RJ45-In from AV-717.
  • KVM port for Student PC VGA and monitor.
  • MIC-IN from microphone.
  • MIC-OUT to PC MIC port.
  • Line-IN for audio input from PC.
  • Line-OUT for audio output to headset.
  • EQ/Gain for image clarity/brightness adjustment.
  • Optional RJ45-Out to bypass the signals to the next AV-730 for group seats.
  • DC 5V jack for power input.
Teacher Tap Switch:
  • For send/stop broadcasting of screen and audio to all students
  • To toggle 3 connected different sources or blank screen for broadcasting.


1-to-2 VGA splitter Cable (Comes with AV-730 box)
  • VGA Cable in between student PC and AV-730.


CAT5e UTP Cable (Optional)
  • Standard CAT5e cables are provided in different length.
Hi-fidelity Headset/Headphones with attached Mic. (Optional)

Pure hardware plug-and-play design, easy to install, no software driver involved.

Built-in VGA Gain and EQ adjustments for optimum image quality.

Audio transmission in digital format, eliminating ground noise.

Teacher Screen/Sound Broadcasting in one touch operation.

Teacher can select and broadcast up to 3 different connected sources.

Multiple student boxes can be installed in one daisy-chain cable for group seats layout.

Optional teacher/student Dialogue.

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