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HDMI/DVI Extender over Optical Fiber

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HDMI/DVI Extender over Optical Fiber
Model No :

The AV-9602F is a perfect solution that extends HDMI with optional RS-232, IR over a single core of either Multi-Mode (600 meters) or Single-Mode (1500 meters) Optical Fiber. Products contain AV-9602FT (Transmitter) and AV-9602FR (Receiver). Using lossless visual compression and Gigabit Ethernet transport technology, there is no common ground problems. It can achieve high-quality transfer in noisy environments.

Model No. Transmitter Receiver
AV-9602FT AV-9602FR
HDMI Input
1 N/A
HDMI Output
N/A 1
Fiber In / Out
1 1
IR Optional
RS-232 Optional
Power 12V / 2A
System connect SC connect
1920X1200@60Hz (or 1080p)
HDMI 1.3b Compliant
Cable mode Single or Multi mode Optical Fiber
Wavelength 1310 / 1550 nm
Laser Safety IEC-60825 Compliant
Distance Single-mode 1500m, Multi-mode 550m
Operation Temperature
0 ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature
-20 ~ 85°C
0 ~ 80% Non-condensing
Physical Properties
Metal (Black)
586 g 576 g
Dimension (L x W x H)
184 x 107 x 35 mm 184 x 107 x 35 mm
circle Support FHD 1080p and 1920x1200 @ 60Hz resolution, Latency Delay time less than 1/60 second.
circle Sending and receiving only need a single core of either Single-Mode (1500 m) or Multi-Mode (550 m) Fiber cable.
circle Support IR function (optional), you can remote control distant devices such as set-top boxes, DVD players, multimedia player ... etc. from the receiving side.
circle Support RS-232 bi-directional control function (optional), suitable for screen display controls, such as remote screen power on / off by RS-232 or other control functions.
circle Use high-performance video processing chip, pure hardware design, no need to install any drivers, Plug & Play.

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