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Flexible Printed Circuits

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Flexible Printed Circuits
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Flexible circuit board (FPC) used in the applications and markets from medical equipment, telecommunications, computer peripherals, instrumentation and industrial. Our designing team provides layout design, life-cycle and environmental testing to our customer. At each stage, our quality team provides process improvement. We are the only choice for quick prototype, competitive price, quick
1. Base material: FR4, RI, PET, PE. 2. Thickness of base copper: 9μm / 12μm / 18μm / 35μm / 70μm. 3. Largest size: 406mm x 610mm (16" x 24"). 4. Min. hole diameter of drilling: ∮0.2mm / 0.008". 5. Min. hole diameter of punching: ∮0.5mm / 0.008". 6. Min. Trace width / Min. space: 0.075mm (3mil). 7. Largest size: 406 x 610mm / 16" x 24". 8. Peeling strength: 1.0 kg.f / cm.

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