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Ammeter shunt

Product Name :
Ammeter shunt
Model No :

Type Specification Drawing No.
DC Shunt - Light weight 1 ~ 15Amp/ 50mV SH-D5100
20 ~ 150Amp/ 50mV * SH-D5022
200 ~ 500Amp/ 50mV SH-D5042
DC Shunt with base 20 ~ 150 Amp/ 50mV * SH-D5001
200Amp/ 50mV SH-D5011
*  <20Amp/ 50mV : please refer  SH-D5100
DC Shunt without base 200Amp/ 50mV SH-D5030
250Amp/ 50mV SH-D5091
300Amp/ 50mV SH-D5089
400Amp/ 50mV SH-D5090
500Amp/ 50mV SH-D5092
600Amp/ 50mV SH-D5099
800Amp/ 50mV SH-D5004
1000Amp/ 50mV SH-D5095
1200Amp/ 50mV SH-D5017
1500Amp/ 50mV SH-D5104
2000Amp/ 50mV SH-D5005
3000Amp/ 50mV SH-D5069
4000Amp/ 50mV SH-D5066
5000Amp/ 50mV SH-D5097
DC Shunt Without Base 200Amp/ 60mV SH-D6014
250Amp/ 60mV SH-D6022
300Amp/ 60mV SH-D6023
400Amp/ 60mV SH-D6024
500Amp/ 60mV SH-D6025
600Amp/ 60mV SH-D6026
800Amp/ 60mV SH-D6027
1000Amp/ 60mV SH-D6028
1200Amp/ 60mV SH-D6029
1500Amp/ 60mV SH-D6030
2000Amp/ 60mV SH-D6019
3000Amp/ 60mV SH-D6032
4000 Amp/ 60mV SH-D6033
5000Amp/ 60mV SH-D6034

  • Shunts are available in any amperage and millivolt rating
  • specifications are subject to change without notice

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