30M / 60M Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Product Name :
30M / 60M Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor
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  1. 30 m / 60 m Protection range for outdoor use  (60m -Indoor / 120m -Indoor)
  2. A.G.C. ( Automatic Gain Control ) Circuit
  3. Protection against frost and snow;Cut off visible rays effectively.
  4. Adjustable beam interruption period (50 msec~700 msec)
  5. Protection against rain, insects, and dust
  6. Heating unit (HT-61) is available as an optional part for extremely cold area
  7. IP Rate:IP 55
  8. CE Certificate

For more spec info, please visit Download Zone:
Brochure:2PH-30C / 2PH-60C
Manual Instruction:2PH-30C / 2PH-60C
Optionals:HT-61 (Heating Unit), 2PH-60B-10 (Alum Bracket) 

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