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Double Pitch Chain with Attachment

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Double Pitch Chain with Attachment
TYC double-pitch roller chains can be made with a wide variety of attachments in numerous combinations.  Frequently used are bent attachments including A-1, A-2, K-1 and K-2, which are bent link plateson one side or both sides of chain, with either one hole or two holes.  Straight attachments include SA-1, SA-2, SK-1 and SK-2, which are link plates with straight lugs on one side or both sides, with either one or two holes.  D-1 and D-3 extended pin types are also common.

The double-pitch side plate allows room for an extra hole in the center of the link plate.  The dimension of the extra hole, designated by "G-1", can vary depending on user requirement.  Often seen are extended pins with enlarged pin diameters, referred to as "D-5" pins, to be inserted in the G-1 hole.

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